Company History

Company History


Seagrave Coatings has been in business since 1846. We launched our web site in 1998. Seagrave has used the latest technology to develop coatings that are both fashionable and functional. Our goal has always been to provide you, the finisher, with eye-appealing products so you, in turn, have something new and different to offer your customers.

What makes our company remarkable is five fundamental ingredients: superb technical support, top quality products, consistency, fair pricing, and strong customer service.

We formulate cost-effective coatings for a wide variety of hard-to-coat materials, including wood, non-ferrous metal, fiberglass, plastic and other natural or man-made materials. Through our innovative research program, we continually develop new coatings for existing products, and for new products as they enter the marketplace.

As always, the products we manufacture and distribute continue to be of top quality offering the highest benefit to cost ratio of any competitive products on the market.

Our success continues to depend on you, the customer. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions on how we can further improve our working relationship. Our Customer Service Manager would love to hear from you.