Acid Cured

Acid Cured


Transparent Sealer
F954406 – Conversion Varnish Sealer (Convar®)


Transparent Topcoat
F984401 – Conversion Varnish 40 Clear Topcoat (Resistance)
M5474 – Acid Cured Clear Gloss Topcoat (Armorguard® II)
M5603 – Acid Cured Clear Satin Topcoat (Armorguard® II)
F944201 – Acid Cured Semi Gloss Topcoat (Armorguard® II)


Acid Primer
934207 – Acid Cured Primer White (Armorguard®)
M5625 – Acid Cured Primer Black (Armorguard®)


Pigmented Topcoat
M5494 – Acid Cured High Gloss White (Armorguard® II)
M5623 – Acid Cured 35 White Topcoat (Armorguard® II)
M5279 – Acid Cured High Gloss Black (Armorguard® II)


An EPA-compliant finish for wood that is acid-catalyzed, non-yellowing, fast-curing ….. and has extremely long pot life.



  • High solids
  • Good chemical and heat resistance
  • Good filling properties
  • No reportable formaldehyde
  • Medium to fast drying
  • Very easy to sand and polish
  • Excellent recoatability
  • Repairable with general purpose lacquers
  • Recommended Applications

To replace conventional products – catalyzed lacquers and varnishes – that contain formaldehyde and do not comply with current air quality standards.