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Request one, several or all of our coatings & finishes brochures and catalogs by simply filling out the request form below. If you want a salesman to contact you, please check that box also. See our satisfied Client List

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 Send Wood AWI Finishing Standards
 Send Product Catalog (Seagrave fine finishes for furniture & decorative accessories) $5.00 Charge or Free With Order
 Send Water & UV Coatings Brochure
 Send Plextone® Color Flyer (3-page foldout)
 Send Plextone® Multicolor Application and Trouble Shooting Guide
 Send Plextone® Multicolor System - 45 Sample Colors and Textures
 MIL SPEC (US Specification Finishes)
 Have a salesperson contact me
 Send Wood AWI Finishing Standards

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