Industrial Maint

Industrial Maintenance Finishes



  • Antistatic Floor Paints
  • Heavy Duty Maintenance Paints
  • Anti Graffiti Coatings and Non-Toxic Paint Removers
  • Shute Liner for Heavy Duty Environments
  • PCC® Brand Paints for Propane Gas Cylinders and Tanks


Titanine® Aerospace Finishes

  • Polytane for exterior of aircraft
  • Polyurethane walkway coatings for anti slipon aircraft and curbs or ramps for handicap
  • Edge light panel finish

Brass Coatings

  • Durachem® for Brass
  • Incrylac® & Syncrylac®
  • Water Base for Brass Lamps
  • Musical and Brass Instruments

Paper & Flexible Surfaces

  • Vinyls for Paper Seals
  • UV Clear Varnishes for Printing

Ferrous Metal Surfaces

  • VORLINER® – Chemical resistant liners for steel pails and drums
  • Water Reducible & High Solids Bake Enamels for drum exteriors, steel racks, shelving and metal housing of all types
  • Epoxy Bake Enamels for name plates and signage

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