Omniplex Coatings


Discover the New World of Liquid Stone
A New World of Liquid Stone FinishesOMNIPLEX® is a lightweight nonporous polyester material that is spray-applied to simulate the colors and patterns of granite, onyx, and other natural stone. It adds the richness of stone to counter tops, cabinets, desks, architectural woodwork, furniture, signage and decorative accessories.


Unlimited Design Opportunities
OMNIPLEX® offers a design flexibility that is impossible to achieve with plastic laminates or solid surface materials. Since it sprays on, Ominplex can enrich the most complicated architectural shapes and surfaces. OMNIPLEX®, available in 12 beautiful stone finishes, can also be custom blended, textured or sanded smooth, matte-finished or polished to a glossy luster like real stone. A clear topcoat is available for added protection or higher glass.


Practical and Cost Effective
OMNIPLEX® provides the durability and flexibility of solid surface materials at a fraction of the cost. Usually only a single application is necessary to coat a wide range of surfaces including wood, veneer and MDF board. Since Omnipex is spray-applied, it is free of cracks and blemishes found in natural stone, and free of seams that mar the appearance of plastic laminates or solid surface materials.


Discover the advantages of OMNIPLEX®


Easy to Maintain
Unlike real stone, OMNIPLEX® is nonporous, and has excellent chemical and heat resistance. OMNIPLEX® resists staining, and can be washed with soap and water to keep it looking new, year after year. Since OMNIPLEX® can be applied up to a dry thickness of 20 mils, accidental stains, scratches and burns can be easily removed by sanding, and deep gouges can be invisibly repaired with an OMNIPLEX® patch kit.


Easy to Apply
An OMNIPLEX® finishing system can be adapted to fit your existing paint operation. Because OMNIPLEX® is spray applied over fabricated components, it requires no cutting, routing, shaping, or gluing or edge banding. OMNIPLEX® has excellent sag resistance and can be applied easily to both vertical and horizontal surfaces.


Safe and User Friendly
OMNIPLEX® complies with all state and federal EPA standards. It has very high solids, low VOC and none of the free formaldehyde found in lamination adhesives.


Whether you’re a designer, developer or fabricator, OMNIPLEX® has the creative potential, versatility, durability and low cost you require in a stone finish.


Call the OMNIPLEX® toll-free number (800) 426-0496 for further information today.


How OMNIPLEX® Compares

Design Flexibility Can be applied to almost any architectural shape or surface Flat surfaces or larger radius curves. Shaping, cutting, routing and assembly required for custom edge treatments
Custom Colors Colors can be customized and matched in relatively small quantities (approx.5,ooo s.f. cover) Custom colors not available
Ease of Fabrication Spray applied to fabricated components. No cutting, gluing or edgebanding Requires cutting, gluing, edgebanding, shaping or routing
Cost Same low cost as plastic laminate, but with flexibility of solid surface materials.  
Durability Excellent chemical, stain and heat resistance. May be top-coated for added protection Excellent chemical, stain and heat resistance
Repair Scratches removed by sanding. Gouges repaired with polyester patch kit. Scratches and gouges in plastic laminate cannot be repaired. Scratches in solid surface materials removed by sanding. Gouges repaired with special repair kit
Health and Safety No free formaldehyde found in lamination adhesives. Complies with all state and federal EPA standards.  

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