Plextone Multicolor

Plextone Multicolor




Explore the creative potential of seamless multicolor wall coatings

The Plextone® Custom Color Program

Plextone® – a seamless multicolor wall finish that provides a pattern of up to five colors in single spray application.

While vinyl wallcoverings are limited to stock colors and patterns, Plextone ® offers an almost infinite variety of color and texture combinations. Plextone® can be customized to perfectly match or blend with any, sample you choose whether it’s a swatch from a carpet or upholstery, a card from a paint manufacturer’s color deck, or a hue from any color system.

Our staff is only a toll-free call away ready to offer technical support at every stage of the design and construction process.

Plextone® offers an almost infinite range of colors and textures to maximize your creative potential.

See some examples of our multicolor finishes.

Plextone® can enhance any building interior

Plextone®’s durability, safety and cost-effectiveness make it ideal for public, high traffic areas, retail displays and trade ex hibits. Its warmth and richness make it well-suited for health care, hospitality, educational, recreational, cultural, commercial and corporate facilities. Plextone® costs less to install than vinyl, and less than paint after only three years.

Plextone® Paint

Vinyl Wallcovering

Designers and faciIities managers wilI also find Plextone® an attractive and cost-effective choice renovation and refurbishing. Since Plextone®’s thick coat and textured multi-colored surface hides minor surface defects, it can be applied to existing sub-strates with much less surface preparation than ordinary paint or vinyl wallcoverings. Since Plextone® exhibits minimal fading over time, new applications of Plextone® easily match existing ones.

Plextone® Durability

Unlike other wallcoverings that frequently peel along the seams, Plextone®’s coating is sprayed on – so it’s seamless. Unlike paint, Plextone®’s tough, thick surface resists most stains and lets you easily scrub away crayon, ballpoint pen, lipstick, dirt and grease with a sponge and common , cleansing solution. The addition of Plextone®’s protective clear coat keeps it virtually graffiti-proof.

Plextone® Offers Real Cost Savings Plextone® is economical. It costs almost 50% less to install than vinyl wallcovering, and it lasts much longer than either paint or vinyl without fading, peeling or lifting. In fact, Plextone® actually costs less than paint after only three years.

Plextone® provides additional savings. Since Plextone® hides surface imperfections there’s no need to use highly skilled craftsmen to prepare the substrate. And Plextone®’s fast, one-coat application saves labor costs over two-coat systems.

Plextone® is environmentally friendly

  • Complies with State and Federal EPA standards
  • Low toxicity level
  • No heavy metals or carcinogens
  • Class A fire rating that far exceeds the rating of most vinyl coverings
  • Minimum odor allows application during regular work hours

Enhancing the Past: The St. Louis Art Museum used Plextone® in their restoration to highlight the Beaux Arts decoration.

Look at Plextone®

Whether you’re a designer, developer, or facilities manager, Plextone® MultiColor Coating System has the creative potential, durability, reliability, and low cost you require in a wallcovering. Call Plextone®’s toll- free number for further information today.

Focus on the Future: Steelcase, Inc. applied Plextone® throughout the Atrium of their Corporate Development Center.


Plextone® MultiColor System

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