Research & Development

Research and Custom Formula Development

Developing Custom Formulations

Because standard products almost never meet the specific needs of industrial and commercial customers, Seagrave technical service is based on our applied research and development department. Our technical staff, cross-trained in research as well as production, develops in accordance with the specifications you provide.

Before we begin a custom formulation, we examine your production line. From set-up to clean-up, all of your paint line is taken into account in developing a coating which will meet your production requirements.


A Requirements Approach To Formulation

In addition to production line factors, we develop performance specifications for each product (if they are not already established). Specifications may include standard ASTM tests and/or customer mandated criteria, such as :

  • UV Resistance (yellowness index)
  • Mil thickness
  • Angular gloss
  • Cross hatch adhesion
  • VOC
  • HAPS
  • MEK Rubs

Only when we have determined all your needs can we formulate an appropriate finish for you.

Go to our Sample Request Page for product samples.