Special Effects

Special Effects 


Various Finishes for Special Effects

  • Plextone® Multicolor System
  • Omniplex®
  • Marblegaze®
  • Hippohide®
  • Hammertone®
  • Pearlescence
  • Florescence
  • Crackle
  • Metalace®
  • Stardust
  • Lether-X®
  • Soft Touch
  • Wrinkle Finish
  • Metallics

Welcome to the world of Seagrave Special FX Finishes. FX coatings decorate while they protect, creating unique textures and multicolor patterns, or transforming ordinary materials like wood, plastic, glass and metal into simulated gold, granite or marble. Seagrave Faux Finishes simulate natural surfaces as diverse as suede, leather and frosted crystals. Omniplex gives a cabinet and counter top a rich stone look and Crystalustre adds sparkle to a promotional mirror.
See some examples of our special effects finishes.



A unique process using photography to create a natural marble finish on wood or medium density fibreboard. Its high application solids produce a surface that is harder and more stain-resistant than natural marble.

Plextone® Multi-Color
Textured enamels of two or more colors sprayed from one gun to simulate the appearance of marble, granite, cork or other faux stone effects. Example seen here is Plextone® Passion Blue. For more information see our Textured enamels of two or more colors sprayed from one gun to simulate the appearance of marble, granite, cork or other faux stone effects. Example seen here is Plextone® Passion Blue.
For more information see our section on Plextone®

Crackle, Prismlac & Crystalhide®
Crackle are pigmented finishes that shrink and crack upon drying, to expose the undercoat of the same or different color or produce the appearance of leather or other novelty effects. Prismlac and Crystalhide are on-coat lacquers that upon drying form crystal-like appearance resembling “Jack Frost” snow flakes or other special effects.

Duart® Wrinkle & Hammertone® Finishes
Wrinkle finishes on metal and plastic
available in many different textures and patterns.
Hammertones® are lustrous metallic-like coatings resembling hammered metal, but are smoother
to the touch and easy to keep clean.

Hippohide® and Lether-X®
One coat finishes for metal, wood and plastics that simulate the textured finish of leather, vinyl or other animal skins.

Cloisonnex® & Porcikote®
A multicolored swirled, mottled finish which has the beauty, lustre and hardness of cloisonné and fired-on ceramic enamels. Porcikote is a 100% solids material that closely resembles ceramic porcelain and has the glasslike gloss of real porcelain.

Coatings containing brilliant tiny sparkles that are available in many special effects finishes already listed.

A mother of pearl look that lends richness to any coating

Special pigments that make colors more intense visually and get attention

Silver and gold powders that give a special lustre to ordinary colors

Finish used on metal, wood,glass and plastics to produce a novel decorative web or lace-like pattern. Finishes are available in multiple colors, including lustrous metallic effects.
Miraglaze®Finishes that prepare glass, wood, and plastics to accept coatings of silver nitrate and clear top coats to protect these “mirror-like” finishes.

Fade-resistant transparent finishes for use on polished or bright metals to simulate other metals such as brass, copper or gold or to reproduce more economically popular colored effects obtained by anodizing aluminum.


Seagrave has MultiColor FX Coatings for applications as diverse as architectural columns and industrial housings.An infinite range of color combinations can be chosen from stock colors or custom blended in small quantities. Plextone® seamless architectural wall finish produces a pattern of up to five colors in a single spray application. Plextone® can be as soft and subtle as silk or as bold and colorful as granite. It is durable, safe and cost-effective, making it ideal for high-traffic public areas, retail displays and trade exhibits.

Crackle coating adds a rich, aged patina to wood, metal or glass surfaces. Crackle shrinks and cracks in a zigzag pattern as it dries to expose the undercoat.Depending on your choice of colors and patterns, Crackle can range from a refined antique appearance to a brilliant contemporary look.You can create a wide variety of unique, weblike accent patterns with Seagrave Veiling Coatings. Lether-X® consists of a subtle range of tones which simulates the look of calfskin, ostrich and other fine leathers. Metalace® has a metallic luster which produces a lacelike veil of silver, gold or copper.

Whether you’re a designer, craftsman or manufacturer, Seagrave Special FX Finishes open up new creative opportunities for industrial and contract applications. Call Seagrave’s toll-free number for further information today. Seagrave MultiColor Coatings enhance decorative accessories like a lamp base topcoated with purple Crackle or a clock coated with stonelike shades of Plextone®.



Seagrave’s Textured FX Coatings are available in a broad range of colors and patterns to add a tactile dimension to the surfaces of contract metal furniture, office systems, component housings and enclosures. Seagrave offers several wrinkle finishes. Duart® is a fully EPA-compliant wrinkle finish at a significantly lower cost. You can use Hammertone®to achieve a hand wrought, hammered appearance in a fast, one-coat application, or Suede-X® to give ordinary metal surfaces the look and “feel” of suede. Because Suede-X® is non reflective like real suede, fingerprints and other marks are virtually invisible. Stippled effects of all sizes are available with Hippohide, and extremely tough protective coating for metals, wood and plastics. It is easy to achieve a decorative two-toned Hippohide®, by using one color for the basecoat and another for the stipple topcoat.

You can combine Seagrave Special FX Coatings to create unique new effects. Try applying Metalustreou can combine Seagrave Special FX Coatings to create unique new effects. Try applying Metalustre® over Hammertone® to produce a metallic sheen that picks up highlights in the textured surface or use Metalace®or Lether-X® to overlay a subtle Multicolor pattern on top of any Seagrave Textured FX Finish. Seagrave Textured FX Coatings provide subtle surface interest as the protect. A pale orange Duart® Wrinkle gives and ordinary stapler a new twist. Hippohide® Stipple enriches a keyboard with a pleasant “touchable” surface, and Suede-X® gives the keys a soft tactile feel.


Seagrave Faux Metal Finishes are a cost-effective way to simulate the look of precious metals like gold, silver and brass on almost any substrate, ® is a metallic coating for cosmetic cases, light fixtures and many other consumer products. Platelustre® is translucent and tinted to simulate anodized or precious metals on polished glass or metal. An exterior grade is also available for architectural, automotive and marine use. Marbleglaze® is an exceptionally realistic faux marble coating for case goods and architectural woodwork with the same depth and lustre as polished marble at a fraction of the cost. Omniplex® “Liquid Stone” gives cabinets and counter tops the natural look of granite, onyx and other stone. It is durable, flexible and easily repaired just like solid surface materials, but at laminate prices. Superior to real stone , Omniplex® and Marbleglaze® are nonporous, seamless and almost as hard as glass. Both have excellent chemical , stain and heat resistance. Crystalustre® simulates frosted crystals. Its crystalline pattern comes tinted or transparent, and adds a rich”sparkle” to polished glass, ceramic, metal and mirrored surfaces. To see some color examples of these Faux finishes, click here.

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