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New Wood Finish Receives Green Seal Certification

Seagrave Coatings Corporation recently received certification from Green Seal, a nationally recognized environmental certification organization, stating that AQUA Polytane® qualifies for Class A designation as a “Zero VOC” coating for wood and other surfaces.

AQUA Polytane® is a unique catalyzed coating containing no detectable volatile organic solvents and is the first “No VOC” wood finishing material with excellent performance properties comparable to solvent-base polyurethanes. AQUA Polytane® is recommended for use on kitchen cabinets, archi- tectural woodwork and both residential and contract furniture. Charles Scaturro, President of Seagrave, states, “We believe that this is the first certification by Green Seal of an industrial prod- uct finish. We are pleased that our customers can now tell their customers that the finish they have on their products is environmentally friendly and has been certified by an independent environ mental organization.”

For additional information on AQUA Polytane®, including a copy of the Green Seal certification letter, a technical data sheet and a free sample request form, contact Seagrave Coatings Corporation at 201-933-1000.