We are an old company with new ideas

Seagrave is a technology driven manufacturer serving industrial, architectural design, maintenance, and home furnishing applications

We create the finest finishes to fit the fashion and functional needs of our customers. We utilize their input in a collaborative effort to affect existing product innovations. Our coatings and service always add significantly greater product value relative to what we are paid compared to our competition.

Excellence since 1846

Based on 5 fundamental ingredients:

  1. superb technical support
  2. top quality products
  3. consistency
  4. fair pricing
  5. strong customer service

Our Brands

Through our brands, we formulate cost-effective coatings for a wide variety of hard-to-coat materials, including wood, non-ferrous metal, fiberglass, plastic and other natural or man-made materials.

Custom Formulations

Our innovative research program continually develops new coatings for existing products, and for new products as they enter the marketplace.

Research & Development

NEWARK Liberty airport

Makeover with water-based coating

In America’s busiest airport terminal, restrooms tiles deteriorated and needed immediate repair. With Seagrave’s Armorguard™️ Systems And Miracle Method, a makeover that could have taken 10 years was accomplished in 3 months.

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Armorguard™ System reduces VOCs

“Seagrave solves a huge problem for us... Another benefit is that we don’t use nearly as much industrial cleaners with the lacquer gun. It helps the environment and our waste is down.”

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BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB of broward county

Makeover of cafeteria area

“They’ve taken a concrete structure and turned it into a welcoming warm environment”...

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Non-toxic coating for shower stall repairs

“A lot of water-based systems haven’t worked, but this one works”

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Our Clients

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